Who We Are

Captain of the Earth is an independent foundation for culture and education, chartered by the Yesenin Museum of Moscow, dedicated to promoting the ideas of humanism and cosmism.

What We Do

We put on mobile exhibitions and festivals dedicated to spreading the ideas of humanism and cosmism in art, science, and philosophy to a wide audience.

Why We Do This

To facilitate international communication and cultural exchange

To promote humanist values

To tell the story of Russian cosmism in the global cultural space, reconnecting the idea of technological progress with the spiritual dimension emphasized by Russian cosmism.

The Objectives and Goals of the Fund are:

  1. to organize and finance the museum’s major projects and events
  2. to organize international projects and conferences in Russia and abroad aimed at promoting Russian literature and culture; to hold symposiums, seminars, round tables and other events of a cultural/educational nature
  3. to preserve, study and popularize the artistic legacy of Sergei Yesenin and his contemporaries
  4. to prepare, publish, and print educational materials and promotional products that prominently feature Sergei Yesenin’s works and the museum’s projects
  5. to attract donations from Russian and foreign citizens, companies, businesses, funds, governmental, public and private organizations to help achieve the above objectives
  6. to organize and hold fundraisers, festivals, conferences, anniversary celebrations and other events related to Sergei Yesenin
  7. to establish and maintain contact with individuals and legal entities that can contribute to the fund’s goals
  8. to deal with other organizations, including non-profit organizations, to share experiences in organizing activities aimed at promoting and developing the cultural sphere

Legal Status

"Captain of the Earth" Foundation for Culture and Education was set up to finance the humanitarian and educational projects of the Yesenin Museum of Moscow (Moscow State Budget Culture Institution “Moscow State Museum of S.A. Yesenin”)

“Captain of the Earth” Foundation for Culture and Education is a nonprofit public organization, acting pursuant to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the basis of voluntary and other contributions not prohibited by the law. These funds as well as income from cultural activities are used to achieve the Foundation’s goals.

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