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“Captain of the Earth”

The Foundation welcomes all offers of partnership or collaboration. We are happy to hear from potential local organizers, volunteers, financial sponsors, or parties with ideas for joint projects.

We are always looking for new host venues for our mobile exhibitions. We are constantly working on new projects, on topics ranging from Russian cosmism to the relationship between art and philosophy, from links between world culture and Russian poetry to the need for a humanist understanding of our cultural and social progress as a species.

Social projects

The Yesenin Museum of Moscow constantly conducts, supports and collaborates on a range of major social and cultural projects, such as:

  • organizing international literary, science, and cultural festivals
  • designing and organizing traveling exhibitions in Russia and abroad
  • printing and publishing activities (publishing collections of Sergei Yesenin’s poetry in Russian and foreign languages, etc.)
  • organizing contests and events for children

The museum’s projects focus on Sergei Yesenin’s artistic legacy and Russian cultural heritage.

For more information about Sergei Yesenin State Museum projects visit

Get Involved

There are many ways for you to get involved with the museum’s upcoming events: you can share your ideas and experiences with us, assist with organizing the museum’s events, volunteer at an event, or make a donation (for particular projects).

Volunteer with the museum

You can get involved with the museum’s project “Come, Jim, give me your paw for luck …” to assist with organizing or directly volunteer at events aimed at protecting homeless animals.

To become a volunteer please contact us:

Tel: +7 (915) 188-33-25

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