Who We Are

"Captain of the Earth" Foundation for Culture and Education was set up to finance the humanitarian and educational projects of the Yesenin Museum of Moscow (Moscow State Budget Culture Institution “Moscow State Museum of S.A. Yesenin”)

“Captain of the Earth” Foundation for Culture and Education is a nonprofit public organization, acting pursuant to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the basis of voluntary and other contributions not prohibited by the law. These funds as well as income from cultural activities are used to achieve the Foundation’s goals.

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The Foundation welcomes all offers of partnership or collaboration. We are happy to hear from potential local organizers, volunteers, financial sponsors, or parties with ideas for joint projects.

We are always looking for new host venues for our mobile exhibitions. We are constantly working on new projects, on topics ranging from Russian cosmism to the relationship between art and philosophy, from links between world culture and Russian poetry to the need for a humanist understanding of our cultural and social progress as a species.

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Our Projects

2013 - 2015
“Come, Jim, give me your paw for luck …”

Our animal welfare project, aimed at changing the way that homeless animals are perceived and treated in Russia, is now in its third year. We’ve put on exhibitions of animals seeking adoption, worked with volunteers to publicize adoption options, and held small-group classes promoting humane treatment and attitudes toward animals, both homed and homeless. We’re looking for partners who will help us take this effort outside Moscow and into the rest of Russia.

2013 - 2014
Where Does the Epoch Carry Us… (Seeking spiritual landmarks in the modern world)

We believe that in order to have a clear view of the future, we need to acknowledge our past. In order to be optimistic about where we’re going, we need to explore the treasures and achievements of where we’ve been. Looking at cultural, artistic, human achievements throughout centuries past, we can see the greatness that we will be taking with us to space, the beauty that will endure as humanity moves forward, past the political crises and power struggles of the present day.

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